Artist Statement

My mom, when she was alive would say: “give me flowers now, while I’m alive, don’t wait until I am dead”.

When I was a child I remember watching my Mom in our apartment tending to her houseplants, or noticing a weed pushing up through the crack of the cement sidewalk. Because of these and other experiences, I have chosen to use nature to dialogue with as a metaphor for life. Flowers, for example, are pregnant with historical, religious, and social meanings, while also making apparent impermanence.

From memory I paint some aspect of the natural world, and the uniqueness of the shapes, space, light and color interacting with it. These elements give a sense of place because of the particular quality of those elements interacting. This information provides a structure that I then improvise from.

My aim is to make a painting that is dynamic and meditative simultaneously, which is similar to my experience of the source material.

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