It has been a while since I last posted something. A lot has happened since then. There have been major illness in the family, and deaths in the family. The view that all is changing all the time is becoming more obvious.

I also attended a high school reunion which then became a catalyst  to review my major life choices from then to now. Somehow it all made sense and that it was clear that I made choices, conscious or unconscious, that got me to this point. In talking to one of my former classmates about our families and how they influenced our choices. He told me about his uncles that where in the advertising business, and how they encouraged his art making and the belief that being an artist was a valid life choice. It became clear to me that our early childhood experiences really shape us as adults. The influence of friends and teachers encouraged my choices. My high school counselor told the black and latin kids that we were not college material, so don’t bother trying. By not having an opposing voice, we believed her. But after graduating, an older acquaintance from school kept encouraging me to show my portfolio of art to the admission counselor at Pratt Institute. He bugged me for almost two years before I relented. This friend set me on my course and I have thanked him many times. He told me that a another high school classmate somehow deconstructed the situation we were in and bugged him to apply to college. So we both owe a debt to our classmate Freddy. Thank you Freddy

The point that I take from this is that it only takes one person to believe in you. and they can make a hugh difference for us as individuals and for the health of the society.