iPad painting study using Procreate

It all seems so well until it isn’t, and then there is the choice to be with the dis-ease/comfort. Who knows how long the pain/hell will  last? Some thing happens and we said “ how could this happen to me? Is there anything random in our experience? Are we creating our reality moment by moment? Are we making choices moment by moment?  I know that I give up responsibility for my life choices because of convenience, it’s easier, doesn’t create waves, don’t want to engage in an argument, laziness, fear of repercussions, you get the picture. What if I didn’t give up responsibility? How would life be different?

My painting practice for many years has been a kind of go with the flow, let’s see what the painting gives me. It worked, and I got a particular indeterminate look and feel to those works. It was, now in retrospect, missing more substantive ideas.

I have been thinking about layering images of cruelty; lynching, gun violence, bombing, etc., nature: how nature is neutral to these events and keeps to its cycle of growth and dormancy or decay, and Heaven and Earth, the warp and weft of our existence. I have been looking at rugs and weavings from North Africa, which I find to be amazingly beautiful. I want the warp and weft to provide a structure for the top most layer that will somehow acknowledge the influence of the rugs. I am eager for this new work to manefest.